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Though depression and anxiety are two distinct mental health conditions, they often co-occur. Symptoms of depression and anxiety can be debilitating. At Infuse Balance in Hickory, North Carolina, the experienced team of anesthesia specialists offers low-dose ketamine infusion therapy for depression and anxiety treatment. The innovative treatment relieves symptoms and may improve quality of life. Call the office or book an appointment online to see how depression and anxiety treatment at Infuse Balance can help you.

Depression and Anxiety Treatment Q & A

What are depression and anxiety?

Depression and anxiety are mental health conditions that affect how you feel and behave and may interfere with your daily life and responsibilities.


People with depression experience persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and despair. It’s one of the most common mental health disorders in the United States.


Anxiety is a feeling of nervousness and fear that occurs when dealing with a situation that has an unknown outcome. It’s a normal feeling that usually resolves quickly. However, ongoing feelings of fear, worry, and dread about everyday things may be signs of an anxiety disorder.

The symptoms from depression or an anxiety disorder may affect your job performance, school work, or relationships.

What is the treatment for depression or anxiety?

Traditional medical treatment for depression and anxiety includes psychotherapy and medication. At Infuse Balance, the team offers ketamine infusion therapy for depression and anxiety treatment.

Ketamine is an anesthetic medication that may help relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety when given as a low-dose infusion. Ketamine is an N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonist.

Researchers believe ketamine helps alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety by blocking NMDA receptors and allowing the neurotransmitters to activate other brain receptors. These actions may help form new neural connections in the brain that improve mood and thought patterns.

Am I a candidate for depression and anxiety treatment?

Schedule an appointment with the anesthesia specialists at Infuse Balance to see if you’re a candidate for their depression and anxiety treatment. They conduct in-depth evaluations to determine if you would benefit from the innovative therapy.

What happens during treatment for depression and anxiety?

The team at Infuse Balance conducts your depression and anxiety treatment at the office. The specifics of your treatment may depend on your diagnosis and the severity of your symptoms.

Though you may only need a single dose, most patients benefit from a series of infusions that may include two treatments a week for four to five weeks. Each infusion takes about 40 minutes.

During your depression and anxiety treatment, the anesthesia specialists closely monitor you and adjust your dose and infusion as needed to minimize side effects. Once you complete your treatment, the team has you remain at the office for a set period of time.

You can’t drive after ketamine infusion therapy; you must arrange to have someone drive you home.

When traditional treatments fail to alleviate your depression and anxiety symptoms, you may benefit from ketamine infusion therapy at Infuse Balance. Call the office or book an appointment online today.